Definition of edge

What we mean by "edge" is an advantage. A player who has an edge over you is a player who will win over you in the long run. A player's edge can be marked in several ways. If you have a better base than your opponent, you have an edge. Even when you have the same basics, you can have an edge on a player if you have slept better, eaten better, or are calm and collected. A tilted player loses a big part of his edge. When playing heads-up poker, you always want to make sure you have an edge on your opponent to make sure you win in the long run.

And you, what is your edge?

At some high limit cash game tables, the players sitting at the table often have the same technical poker skills. Their way of marking their "edge" is to always stay calm and consistently play their A-Game. If two identical players are playing against each other, but one has better concentration than the other, he will have an edge. In the last few years, game mental coaches have gained a lot of popularity. Players have come to realize the importance of having a clear mind when playing!

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