Definition of GL

GL means "Good Luck". It is often the final words of a player who leaves a table in a tournament. In paid tournament play, one player eliminates another, the player who leaves and tells his opponent "GG" (Good Game) followed by "GL" (Good Luck) which means "Good Luck". It's all part of online poker etiquette. It's always best to have good etiquette and be polite to other players; just not having your chat privileges taken away is a good reason to be.

GG, NH, NC, TY, GL, etc!

If you play online poker, you will see all of these acronyms that are common in every country, no matter what language you speak. An online discussion could look like this: - Wow, NC, NH! - TY! GG! - GG! GL! Translation: One player wanted to bluff another. The player called the all-in bet on the river with a single pair. The player is surprised and expresses to the other player that he is surprised and finds his call bold. "Wow, nice call, nice hand!" TY means "thank you" and both players conclude with a GG, "Good Game", GL (Good Luck).


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