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Definition of option

The option is perhaps best known as a "straddle". The option is offered in some casino poker games. When you arrive at a table, if you wish (it is not mandatory), you have the option (right), when you are to the left of the big blind, to pay a bet that is twice the size of the big blind to call last before the flop. So, if you are in a game where the blinds are 1?/2??? and you are to the left of the big blind, you can pay 4??? to receive 2 cards and have the opportunity to talk last preflop.

Is the option a good game?

When you are in the "option" position, you have one more hand to wait before you play and are on the big blind. Paying twice the amount of the big blind is clearly an EV play. You'll talk last preflop, but you'll often be out of position after the flop. These are often gamblers who like to pay their option. If you are a serious player who always wants to make the best decisions possible, avoid paying your option when playing poker in the casinos.

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