Definition of re-entry

Re-entry is a term used in poker tournaments. A re-entry tournament is similar to an rebuy tournament, but rather than having the option of rebuy (in an rebuy tournament you can buy back chips, even when you still have chips), a re-entry tournament allows us to re-enter the same tournament when you are eliminated, but does not allow us to add chips when we still have chips. Some re-entry tournaments will allow you to re-enter only once, others will allow you to re-enter unlimitedly for the first hour of the tournament or the first 2 hours, depending on the structure. Be aware that a re-entry tournament allows you to re-enter for a limited time only.

Tournament re-entry vs rebuy

Generally, Tournament rebuy allows you to buy back even when you still have chips. For example, if you lose your entire stack, you can buy back a starting stack, but you can also buy back a starting stack when you already have a starting stack (in other words, 2 stacks). These tournaments are more aggressive because many players will want to collect as many chips as possible as quickly as possible. In re-entry-card tournaments, it's a second chance you have and you can't buy a stack when you still have chips. For the same buy-in, tournament re-entry will have lower paid seats than tournament rebuy.


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