Flexible and varied rules

To add spice and intensity to a poker game, there's no need for a huge buy-in. A rather hot and entertaining variation proposes to bet not your money, but rather... your clothes. This is the principle of Strip Poker. The participants take off their clothes as they lose, and a player is declared the winner when all his opponents are in their simple clothes.

Once invented in the brothels of New Orleans, Strip Poker was traditionally played as a closed five-card poker game. However, it can be played in several variations and many players now play it in the No Limit Texas Hold'Em format.

As for the rules, different formulas exist. Generally, it is advisable to start with the same number of chips, but especially with the same number of clothes. In the most common variant, players are required to remove one of their clothes for each lost move.

Another version gives the winner of each hand the choice of the person to undress. Finally, it is also possible to play without chips, by betting directly on the clothes, to which a defined value will be attributed.