Definition of tank

When we talk about "tank" (tank) we are talking about our time bank. When we say that a gambler is entering the "tank", it means that he or she has a difficult decision to make and is using his or her time to think about it. In live casinos, usually a player will have enough time to think, as long as it is a reasonable amount of time. If one of the players at the table feels that the delay is not reasonable, they can ask for a time clock to force them to make their decision within a specific time frame.

Tank when playing online

When playing online poker, the tank is more accurate and visible to everyone. For example, at the beginning of a tournament, each player has a 60-second time bank. At each round, the player will have to act in tank seconds. If he acts in less than tank seconds, he will keep his time bank. If he needs more than tank seconds to think, he can click on his "tank" to get more time. When his tank is empty, his hand will be automatically folded.


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