Definition of Hi-jack

The Hi-jack, which is also written HJ, is a position on the poker table. It is the seat to the right of the cutoff. That is, the player in position Hi-jack will speak before cutoff. If we start from the big blind and go to the right, we have big blind, small blind, button, cutoff and Hi-jack. The Hi-jack is sometimes also called MP for "middle position". The player to the right of the Hi-jack is called the Lo-Jack. The Lo-Jack on a 6 max table is also called the Under The Gun (UTG) player. This is the player who speaks first preflop.

The Hi-jack, a tricky position

The Hi-jack is a difficult position to play. If a player opens before us and we call the bet, it is possible to get 3bet in position by the cutoff or the button. If we fold too much, we are not profitable. It is probably best to 3bet the player who opens before us to isolate ourselves if we want to play a hand. On the other hand, if no one opened before us and the cutoff and the button fold, we are in position and will have a lot of credit after the flop.



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