Definition of chase

The fact of chase is running cards. Most of the time at Hold’em, the flop will give us draws and not solid hands. For example, if a player has 8-9 on 6-7-2 and calls bet to flop, we will say he is chasing a straight. We can chase any hand. If you have A2 on spades on 5-6-K with two spades, it is called a flush.

You have to know when chase and when not chase.

chase hands to poker is normal, but you need to know when to do it and when not to do it. The best indicator to know is the size of our opponent's bet. First of all, it is important to always keep in mind how often we will hit our draw. Then, we will relate this probability to the size of the bet. If we are at the turn with a color draw, we roughly know that we will hit our color on the river 20% of the time. If the pot is 10 euros and our opponent bet 10 euros at the turn, we will have to pay 10 to win 20 knowing that poker times out of 5 we will not hit anything. So we don't have the odds for chase.


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