Definition of outplay

To make "outplay" is to be completely dominated by one player. A player in "outplay" for example, when he makes another player fold the best hand. To make a outplay, you have to have a good idea of your opponent's rank. The better you know your opponent's rank, the more easily you can make a outplay. If an NL25€ player is going to play on the NL400€ tables, there is a good chance that he will make "outplayer", which means that he will be highly dominant in the competition.

Calling a player in position for outplay

You may have already heard the expression "Here, I call in position for the outplay". A good player is in position with an average hand. A weak player opens before him. The player in position would normally lay down his marginal hand, but he thinks, "this player is weak, I'm going to call in position for the outplay". He calls the bet and as soon as he perceives weakness in his opponent, he bluffs. The out of position player folds on the bet and has just made "outplayer" by a better player than him. If a player you outplay, don't be too proud and try to play the minimum hands against that player.


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