Definition of ship it

If a player is very happy to win a big pot, you may hear him or her shout "Ship it! There is no exact way to translate this expression into French, but let's risk this one: "Par ici l'argent (ou les jetons)" or, "envoyer-moi l'argent"! Ship it is a fairly accurate expression used in poker tournaments. You will almost never hear this expression in a cash game. You can also yell "ship it" when you are happy with a play. If we make a big bluff and our opponent folds, the pot will be sent to us and we might yell "ship it"!

Getting cocky at the poker table

Shouting "ship it" is also a way to impose. You can yell "ship it" because you're happy to win a pot, but you can also want to impose, as in the bluff example above. If you call a big bluff AND show your bluff AND yell "ship it", let's just say that it might piss off your opponent a little. On the other hand, it might intimidate him because you'll look like you're in complete control of the situation.