Definition of heart

The heart is one of the 4 suits in the traditional 52 card deck. In decks that consider suits, the heart is only dominated by the spade. It is stronger than the clubs and diamonds. In both normal and four-color decks, the heart is always red (while the club will turn green and the diamond blue). The spade will also keep its color and will always be black, regardless of the type of cards.

The different symbols of the heart

The heart is obviously the symbol of love, of life (life symbolized by the heart that beats in our body), of generosity (to give one's whole heart to it), of application to a task (to put a lot of heart in a work or in a project), but also of summer, of spring and of the power of the light. In Tarot, the heart symbolizes knowledge, love, life, water, fertility, fortune and joy. The heart also symbolizes the intellect and refers to memory (learning a poem, story or song by heart).