Hero call

Definition of hero call

A hero call is when you make a really hard call. A hero call is when you have to call on the river with a weak hand and win at slaughter. A hero call is when our opponent may have a missed shot that we beat. To make a good hero call, you have to have a good reading of your opponent. A hero call can be similar to an crying call, the calls you make when you are not sure of the result.

An example of a hero call

You are in the UTG position with a pair of 9s in your hands. You open at 3 big blinds and an aggressive player you 3bet on the button. You call his 3bet while being out of position. The flop comes 2-J-T with a color draw. Your opponent bets after your check and you call the bet. The turn is another J and your opponent bets again after your check. You call the bet. The river brings a 3 that does not complete the flush draw. You pass and your opponent pushes all in. Here, your opponent may have several missed draws, including a color draw. If he is aggressive, he can also bluff with KQ or AK or AQ. You call the bet (hero call) and he shows you AK with the color draw. Excellent hero call!

Hero call


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